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Why study in Turkey

The choice of the appropriate country and university to continue one's studies depends on the international reputation of the university as well as the number of students accepted in the country where the university is located.

The quality and effectiveness of studies in Turkey are the two factors that have made Turkey a hot topic. It is also important to note that both the cost of living and the cost of tuition fees in universities and language institutes are so low compared to EU countries.

It is very little known that Turkey has made a leap forward in different areas and it has even become a global example.

Turkey made a breakthrough in economy and education many years ago. As of 1980, Turkey had 40 universities specializing in scientific research.

Turkey has managed to attract a large number of foreign students thanks to its openness to more than 180 countries.

Turkey has also worked to provide all the conveniences required to draw in international students by offering scholarships, university seats, and high-quality education.

Most universities offer modern campus accommodations away from city noise. In addition, Turkey was the first country to grant E-visas, facilitating the process for students.

Most universities teach in Turkish. However, several public universities teach majors, such as medicine and engineering, in English and Turkish. It is up to students to choose the language of study that suits them.

As for private universities, most of them teach in English and even Arabic. Gaziantep University, for example, is one of the new universities that teach in Arabic.

According to the Turkish government, the number of universities will reach 500 starting in 2023.

Thanks to government policies implemented over the past decade, Turkish universities have made a significant leap that has allowed them to climb into some of the best university rankings in the world.

Additionally, 6 Turkish universities were selected and included in the list of the top 500 universities in the world. Now is the time to begin your studies in Turkey!

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Turkey is a dynamic hub that hosts renowned universities in the region

Turkish universities offer unique exchange programs with the best universities in the European Union


Over 48 scholarship opportunities are available for international students in various forms

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