• A valuable experience at world-acclaimed universities.

    Study in China

  • A valuable experience at world-acclaimed universities.

    Study in Turkey

  • When culture meets high quality education

    Study in Spain

  • When culture meets high quality education

    Study in Cyprus

    Academic guidance is our primary mission. Your success begins when you fully understand and realize all the options available to you regarding the training programs and institutes that suit your profile. Our guidance structure includes guidance counsellors, reception areas, tests and open days. It also includes an app that is mainly dedicated to guidance, as well as search tools, information, tips and many other features that we invite you to discover.

    Even with proper academic guidance, university failure is still possible when the student is not ready enough to study abroad.

    Registration processes, academic and administrative requirements, and expatriation risk coverage are complicated and must be followed precisely.

    We are here to assist you with all the procedures above and to guarantee that your case is continuously and effectively followed up on by all administrative authorities.

    We believe that we cannot fulfill our mission as a guidance counselor to the fullest without keeping up with students at all stages of their studies abroad.

    We have therefore trained and made available to our members, counselling, assistance and guidance teams in our various offices in Africa.

    Parents and future students know that they have contact persons available in their hometown and in host countries.


    The assistance begins in high school, with monitoring, supervision, and counseling tailored to the specific needs of each student. It then extends to include all registration and preparation procedures for traveling abroad. Additionally, we help students with all administrative, academic, and personal requirements.


    FOORSA has a team of professionals with in-depth knowledge of foreign universities and immigration, which allows us to better understand what students want in a university and put them on the right track to achieve their goals.

    Following the lifting of the COVID-19 lockdown in China, FOORSA has granted university scholarships to more than 500 students wishing to study there. Since then, we have received countless applications for registration from students dreaming of studying abroad, encouraging us to provide support for 1000 students wishing to continue their studies in Spain for the year 2022.


    China, Spain, Turkey, and Cyprus are considered countries with a wide range of world-class universities open for thousands of international students.

    Universities in China, Spain, Turkey, and Cyprus provide a broad range of exchange programs that cater to the demands of its international students.

    In order to attract a wide range of international students, China, Spain, Turkey, and Cyprus provide large scholarship programs.

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    Studying abroad is a rewarding experience that allows students to:

    - Discover a new culture

    - Learn a new language

    -Pursue richer and more open and diverse studies

    - Find a job more easily

    The choice of the appropriate country and university to continue one's studies depends on the international reputation of the university as well as the number of students accepted in the country where the university is located.

    Turkey has succeeded in attracting a large number of international students by striving to open up for more than 180 countries.

    Additionally, Turkey has endeavored to provide all comfort and luxury needed to attract international students, thanks to scholarships, admissible seats in universities and quality education.

    Most universities provide modern university housing far from cities noises. Furthermore, Turkey was the first country to issue E-visas, which made it easier for students.

    Not everyone knows that Turkey has made giant leap forward in different fields and has even become an example worldwide.

    Generally, Turkey achieved a qualitative leap in economics and education many years ago. Accordingly, Turkey had 40 universities specialized in scientific research as of 1980.

    China is an excellent place to study abroad, especially given the country's impressive growth and success in all areas. It is a top choice for students interested in pursuing their academic interests. Other good reasons to study in China include:

    The Chinese economy continues to grow. As a result, employment options are many. 

    China's economy is the world's second-largest, just behind the United States! With such economic growth, China has undoubtedly become a top destination for international students.